Friday, 4 March 2016


Hey guys,

So I ordered lots of photos in readiness for receiving my project life kit from Stampin Up so I could get going straight away. However, when I started sorting through the photos I decided I really wanted to start from the very beginning. So I then had to upload all of my pregnancy photos on to truprint and order them. This is a longer process than I thought it would be, but finally, they have now arrived. 

So I thought I would take this opportunity to talk you through my process of organising photos for project life as I think this can sometimes be the bit that puts people off!! 

The first thing I do is look through all of the photos for my subject, so for me at the moment it's Molly, but it could be your wedding, a holiday, your daily life. You then need to categorise your photos, so I put them in a rough order order of date if I have a lot of photos. 

Now dependant on your subject, you could choose to put them in order of dates, outings/events or the running of the day with a wedding for example. 

Once I have done this, I go through all of the photos and pick out my absolute favourites. When I have my favs I go through them again and date them. You could miss this step, but for me I have so many pics of Molly as a tiny baby it's hard to keep up with what age she is in them. 

Remember, if you are going to write on the back of your photos, use your project life marker from Stampin Up as they are specifically designed for photo work and will not ruin your photos over time. They are acid free, fade resistant, waterproof and bleed resistant!! They come in a pack of 2 for just £4.50 and you get a thin nib and medium nib! 

Now is the time for your final edit!! Go through your photos and whittle it down to the amount of space you need to fill depending on what pocket pages you have and how many sides you want to design. To cut down my photos i make sure I have only 1 of the same subject generally unless you decide to make that a page in itself. It really is up to you!!! 

So I hope that's given you some hints and tips and will help you to make a start with your photos. 

Remember, if you order your project life goodies before the end of March you will receive a free product for every £45 you spend with sale-a-bration and there are some gorgeous project life products up for grabs. 

I would love to hear about your project life and if you have any hints or tips on how you organise yours. Or if there is anything you are struggling with that you want some advice on let me know.

Speak soon

Shiv x


Hey everyone, 

So in my last post I mentioned that I had signed up again as an Independant Stampin Up Demonstrator. I am so excited for this new venture and cannot wait to get started with my projects. I was very excited to see this delivery pull up outside and probably frightened the delivery man with how quickly I ran to the door 😜. 

It was the best time to sign up as a demo  as it is currently sale-a-bration until the end of March, so instead of getting £130 worth of goods for £99 when you sign up, you get a massive £160 worth of goodies for £99. This enabled me to get a huge amount of project life kits and album etc including pens, punches, ink pads and more!! 

So what I now need to do is sit down and sort through all of my millions of photos!! My first project will be Molly as I have so many photos on my phone that I want to print off and have something tangible to look at rather than digital. 

I always panic slightly just having photos on my phone as on my honeymoon my phone fell into the sea so I lost all my photos of my hen weekend, wedding and honeymoon. Not to mention photos of my nephew and special people in my life that you just can't get back! So I vowed to always print off my photos so I have at least one copy if anything like that happened again. 

Anyway off to bury myself in a mountain of photos...wish me luck!!! 

Siobhan xxx

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

How life has changed....

Well my last post was in 2014 which seems like a lifetime ago now. Oh how things have changed since then. The first thing that has changed is I am now a married woman :) We got married on 2nd August 2014 and had the most perfect day we could wish for. As most crafters I made most of the things for my wedding myself which caused quite a bit of stress and sleepless nights prior to the big day but was so worth the hard work as I was immensely proud of how everything looked and it was just as we had dreamed it would be.

So then after the wedding came the most amazing luxury honeymoon in Bali which was just what we both needed.

We then came back down to earth with a bang when life resumed to normal :( I definitely had the wedding blues. After being so involved with the planning of our wedding I felt a bit at a loss! So I threw myself into planning for a new addition and just a short 3 months after our wedding, we fell pregnant with our beautiful Molly who was born on 18th July 2015 and who is even if I say so myself, the most perfect little baby.

So as you can see, since my last post my life has been a slight whirlwind of amazing changes. And time for crafting has been pretty scarce. But now that Molly and I are getting into more of a routine, I have decided to give crafting a go. I have signed myself up as a Stampin Up Demonstrator again purely to concentrate on Project Life as I think you will agree, we have a lot of memory making to do. Anyway, I am going to blog on a regular basis to keep you all updated with my progress and hopefully give you all some ideas on what Project Life is all about. 

Wish me luck!!